Green Turtle, Dugong & Calf, Flatback , Hawksbill. Photos courtesy of GBRMPA
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Towards Sustainable Dugong & Turtle Tourism Project

Dugong image courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park AuthorityTurtle image courtesy of Undersea Explorer

Dugong image courtesy of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Turtle image courtesy of Undersea Explorer

NEW Phase II Final Report and
Code of Practice
uploaded 6th Dec 2005
  1. Phase II Final Report to DEH, 31st October 2005 (.pdf 520kb)

  2. Code Of Practice (.pdf 385kb)

Phase II Refinement and Testing of
Draft Codes
Oct 04 to Aug 05
  1. Project Update - 11 November 2004 (.pdf 284kb)

Phase I Development of Draft Codes Jan to June 2004
  1. Towards Sustainable Management of Dugong and Turtle Tourism:
    Project Summary and Research Team - 23 April 2004
    (.pdf 283kb)

  2. The Draft Issues Paper - 13 May 2004. (.pdf 939kb)

  3. Appendix 1: the Draft Agenda for the Planning Workshop. (.pdf 319kb)

  4. Appendix 2: the Management Policy Questionnaire as sent to relevant Govt management agencies in March 2004. (.pdf 315kb)

  5. Appendix 3: a summary of results of the Management Policy Questionnaire. (.pdf 112kb)

  6. Appendix 4: a list of dugong & turtle tourism operators in Australia. (.pdf 90kb)

  7. Appendix 5: a summary of codes of conduct and guidelines relating to dugong and turtle tourism, and (.pdf 163kb)

  8. Appendix 6: a list of Dugong & Turtle Tourism Project contacts, including participants attending the Planning Workshop (.pdf 99kb).

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photo 21/5/2004 by Matt Curnock

“Towards Sustainable Dugong and Turtle Tourism” is a research project funded by the Natural Heritage Trust through the Commonwealth Department of the Environment and Heritage. Members of the research team include: Dr Alastair Birtles (Chief Investigator & Team Leader, JCU). Prof. Helene Marsh (C.I., JCU), Dr Colin Limpus (C.I., Queensland Environmental Protection Agency), Dr Dermot Smyth (C.I., Smyth & Bahrdt Consultants), Dr Kirstin Dobbs (C.I., Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority), Dr Peter Arnold (C.I., Museum of Tropical Queensland), Assoc. Prof. Peter Valentine (C.I., JCU), David Charles (Associate Investigator, Department of Conservation and Land Management, WA), Sam Emerick (A.I., Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service), Andy Dunstan (A.I., Undersea Explorer, QLD) and Matt Curnock (Project Manager, JCU).

For more information, contact Matt here.

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